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Simple online planning poker app that will speed up estimation in remote planning sessions

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Planning poker is a simple card estimation game so we believe the tool should be simple too


An agile estimation tool should be able to adapt to your reality and set you in the center of control


We have created the tool to optimize our own process - now we hope you will enjoy it


You have come to the right place if…

You are sitting in remote planning sessions and the facilitator is sharing the user stories on a screen. You just need a tool on the side for the planning poker game.

You are used to having physical planning poker sessions and are looking for a remote substitute that are as simple as the physical playing cards.

You are entering story points into your team chat and are looking for a better alternative.

You are new to planning poker and are looking for a simple tool to get you started.

Key Features

If you are not convinced yet then take a look at the key selling points

Easy to get started

Type in your name to create a planning poker room and share the room through a unique link

Desktop & mobile

Runs in the browser and fits the screen of your mobile or desktop PC

Configurable cards

The card deck can be customized to fit your needs. If you don't estimate in 1/2 points, then just remove it

Moderator control

The moderator are always in controll and are able to reveal team estimates whenever he/she wants.

Moderation handover

You are able to hand over moderation to other players

Reusable rooms

If you have recurring calendar invites for your planning sessions your room link can be reused

Non Features

In order to keep it simple we have tried to cut away unnecessary features

No Account

No need to create an account. Only type in your name or alias and you are ready to esimtate with your team mates.

No Stories

No need to enter user stories or task information. You already have that in your daily task management system.

No Distractions

The team focus should go to the story breakdown discussions and not the tool, so the tool has to be descreet.

No Rules

No need to enforce any rules or conclude anything about the estimates. Your own approach is more important.

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watch the 30 second intro to StoryPoint.Poker

Our Team

StoryPoint.Poker is created by Troels Richter who is spending his life improving agile collaboration through his company Agile Brains

Troels Richter

Founder & Developer

"I've been an agile enthusiast since 2005 and I created this tool to help developers and team leaders get through planning sessions as smoothly as possible"

User Reviews

Some of the kind things people are saying about StoryPoint.Poker

Finally, an online tool that does not overcomplicate Planning Poker. 30 seconds and teams are up and running – no frustrating restrictions and no introduction or training needed.

Jesper Boeg

Agile Coach, Agile Upgrade

Overall, a very simple and easy to use planning poker tool. If you are looking for a simple tool to use with no distractions then I think it is the best.

Bathula Sreenivasa Rao

Agile Coach, Agile Further

Great stuff! Much nicer than Azure Devops, so fast, and to the point. Less time wasted - more time to develop 😎

Rune Skou Larsen

Software Engineer, Freelance

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